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The 21-st symposium, devoted to cancer-urology

The 21-st symposium, devoted to cancer-urology and contemporary methods of medicine for overcoming the insidious diseases took place from 17-th till 19-th September 2009 in Hotel Lilia. Popular experts from Varna, Sofia, Pleven and Plovdiv shared their experience in connection with diagnostics of cancer disease, operative and conservative medication with medicines created from familiar pharmaceutic companies.

Head organizer of this year symposium was Doctor Tosho Ganev. The conference this year was organized with the kind co-operation of over 10 companies, which are specialized in the pharmaceutic industry. Most of them made their own presentations of their products, connected with the cancer urology and their ideas about effective medical treatment in case of such problems.

General sponsors of the event and simultaneously participants were Astellas, Bayer Schering Pharma, Gedeon Richter. At the foyer of Hotel Lilia were exhibited 14 advertising counters of the most established pharmaceutic companies, purposely effective promoting of their products.