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Golden Sands - the story of a Black Sea legend

20 km from the seaside capital of Varna, near the Aladzha Monastery is located the pearl of the northern Black Sea coast "Golden Sands", the oldest of the three big resorts on the North Black Sea coast. The beach, which is 3.5 kilometers long and in places more than 100 meters wide, is flat, the sand is fine and golden, the seafloor is smooth and smoothly descends into the sea. The climate is mild, temperate and continental, similar to that of Mediterranean resorts. The summer is long and warm and the heat is not felt due to the constant sea breeze. The average daytime temperature in the summer months is 27 ° C in the air and 24 ° C in the seawater. The weather in early spring and late autumn makes the area ideal for balneology and recreation.

The first dig at Golden Sands was made on the site of today's Lilia Hotel in 1956, and on June 30, 1957, the first Rodina Hotel was opened to welcome its first tourists. The project of the resort complex is assigned to a team of 30 Bulgarian architects, and its construction goes through three stages. In the first, small, mainly two-storey beachfront hotels were built. Later, the hotel complexes and entertainment establishments of the second and third line appeared. The construction of the complex as well as the entertainment establishments included in the initial project took only 10 years.

Five tourist routes are built in Golden Sands, which pass through recreation areas, old fountains, places with beautiful sea panorama. The park's cultural and historical heritage spans the period from antiquity to the late Middle Ages. Golden Sands is a good place for events of all kinds, such as symposia, seminars, trainings, workshops, round tables and more. The amenities and well-located hotels near Varna are a prerequisite for frequent events in the complex.