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New method for treatment of the cancer of the breast

Scientific conference regarding the cancer of the breast carried out in Hotel Lilia on 26.09.2008. There was discussed new apparatuses, which is making researches of cancer sick people. This researches can show how do the human organism react to the method of medical treatment and is it effective. In this way it can be decided shall the treatment continue in the same way or shall be changed.

This apparatus is comparatively new discovered and the test is legally allowed and is on the market since 2003. At the moment there is only one of this apparatus in Bulgaria – in the Interdistrict Dispensary for Oncological Diseases "Dr. Marko Markov" – Varna.

This meeting’s main goal was explanation of the benefits of this new method of researches and making it more popular. The meeting began with a pressconference – there were national ant local televisions and newspapers. Then there were given lectures by acknowledged specialists and it was made presentation of the firm, that imports that new apparatuses.

The organizer of this event was the firm MEDILAB – official supplier of laboratory apparatuses of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.