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Golden Sands Resort...

20 kilometers north of Varna the panoramic highway following the curves of the steep shore leads to the indisputable pearl of the North Black Sea shore – Golden Sands resort. Here the fine sand of one of the longest beaches on the shore meets the freshness of the unique natural park. The cool summer here starts as early as May and often lasts till the end of October and the transparent sea water in the wide bay remains warm even at sunset and often reaches 24-25 °С.

The natural reserve Golden Sands on a surface of 1320,7 ha is declared a protected territory in the remote 1943. The deciduous forest follows the shoreline and surrounds the resort. The relief of the reserve is terrace-like and its appearance is determined by the rare ligneous and plant species, over 20 of which are registered as endangered of extinction. Among them are the winter snowdrop, the Caucasian primrose as well as some orchids. 

On the territory of the Golden Sands reserve there are the rock Aladzha Monastery declared as a culture monument in 1957, the Catacombs caves, remains of a basilica and ancient fortress dating back to IV-VII century in Kaleto area as well as remains of a Slavonic settlement.